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Non-Invasive Fat Removal Specialist


Tattoo Removal Center located in Vienna, VA

Targeting those problem areas doesn’t mean you have to go under the knife. At our Northern Virginia offices in Vienna, Virginia, we can help you lose those stubborn inches. Our clients typically schedule non invasive fat reduction treatments with the Vanquish ME™ system coupled with the Zimmer ZWave to achieve optimal results.

Non-Invasive Fat Removal Q & A

Why choose us for Vanquish ME?

At UnTattooU, we are committed to providing results and offer full front and back treatment options with the Vanquish ME packages. Not only do we offer the latest technology with the Vanquish ME™, but coupled with the Zimmer ZWave, results are enhanced and achieved sooner.

How does The Vanquish ME Non-Invasive Fat Removal System Work?

VANQUISH ME™ system is a non-invasive, non-surgical fat removal alternative to liposuction that is able to reduce pockets of fat in the midsection as well as other regions of the body.  It works by sending heat through the surface of your skin, down into adipose (fatty) tissue. This forces fat cells to shrink and break apart. Your body starts flushing the fat particles right away, ultimately reducing the number of fat cells you have in your body.

While this non-evasive fat removal process doesn’t work overnight, after a few weeks, you will begin to see results. You could start noticing more toning and tightening in as little as two weeks, with dramatic improvements surfacing within a couple months.  

The VANQUISH ME™ non-invasive fat removal system can target a much wider treatment area than other non-surgical methods, thereby removing fat more efficiently and effectively than ever before.




Will I need more than one session with Vanquish ME Non- Invasive Fat Removal?

Yes. Most men and women need four to six treatments — each one week apart — to get measurable and noticeable results. Your UntattooU practitioner will advise you know about how many treatments you will need when you come in for your consultation.

Fat loss is permanent with Vanquish ME, although if you gain weight, some of that fat can return. You can certainly repeat the treatment later on if you have any unsightly spots you’d like to tone further.

Are Vanquish ME treatments painful?

Not at all. One of the unique things about Vanquish ME, when compared to other similar non-surgical fat removal treatments, is that the equipment doesn’t come into contact with your skin. While the surface of your skin does heat up, since there is no direct contact, there is no burning sensation or extreme discomfort.

All you feel is a warm sensation in the treatment area. The system’s cooling fan helps you stay comfortable throughout your entire fat removal treatment. Most men and women relax and read, use their phone, or watch tv during their Vanquish ME sessions.  

Is there any downtime with Vanquish ME?

No. That’s another perk of choosing Vanquish ME to get the body you deserve. Most sessions take from 45–75 minutes. You may have some redness afterward because the temperature of your skin increases, but you won’t be in any discomfort.

Because the fat-destroying process is non-invasive and quick, you can get in and out for your appointment during your lunch break. You can even return to all of your regular activities, including exercising, right after the procedure.


How much does Vanquish ME cost?

At UnTattooU, we are committed to transparent pricing. Vanquish ME treatments are sold

as packages, the options are as follows:

4x 75 min (Stomach AND Back)    6x 75 min (Stomach AND Back)
 $2000 ($500/treatment)

 $2700 ($450/treatment)

4x 45 min (Stomach OR Back)6x 45 min (Stomach OR Back)
 $1400 ($350/treatment)

 $1800 ($300/treatment)


Why choose Vanquish ME vs. CoolSculpting?

There are a number of body contouring options available, so why choose Vanquish ME? Vanquish ME offers the largest spot size for any non-invasive treatment. We are able to treat more area in less time with this system. Not only that, the Vanquish ME procedure is available at a fraction of the price of CoolSculpting and other similar treatments.



Call us now at 703-348-5658, or book your Vanquish ME consultation online to get started on a path to a new slimmer you!


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