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Now that you’ve made the decision to have UnTattooU help you with your tattoo removal, you will want to have it completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our professional staff and superior technology coupled with our guarantee will ensure that your tattoo removal cost will be minimized and removal to be done in about half the time of traditional q-switch lasers.

We have made it our mission to provide the best technology available coupled with the best care. Our priority is the clearance of ink with the preservation of your skin. The PicoSure Laser gives you the ability to remove your tattoo in half the time!

Our state of the art PicoSure laser starts at $200/Treatment.  All injectable pain relief is included in the cost of a treatment!

When measuring your tattoo, we estimate only the inked surface area and exclude any bare skin within the tattoo.

Free Consultations are available to determine the exact cost for your tattoo.

Fast Pain-Free Tattoo Removal, Done Right!


PicoSure Laser Facial Treatment Cost


Full Face    $350/Treatment
Face Package (3 Treatments) $900/Treatment
Spot Treatments TBD at Consult



Non-Invasive Fat Removal with Vanquish ME Treatment Cost


4x 75 min (Stomach AND Back)    6x 75 min (Stomach AND Back)
 $2000 ($500/treatment)

 $2700 ($450/treatment)

4x 45 min (Stomach OR Back)6x 45 min (Stomach OR Back)
 $1400 ($350/treatment)

 $1800 ($300/treatment)

All treatments will be followed up with Zimmer ZWave treatment to enhance and accelerate results.   

Financing Available

We can help you finance through CareCredit, contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation so we can review your exact needs!

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