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A Message from Dr. Scott Burger, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of UnTattooU 

Since early in my medical training, I have had the unique opportunity afforded to physicians to examine people’s bodies. Over the past 18 years I have seen a tremendous growth in the number of people with tattoos. Many of these tattoos are beautiful works of art and people are very proud of them. However, I have also heard countless tales of regret.

People have told me that they are reluctant to move forward with removal as they have heard that it is very painful and takes over a year to have a tattoo removed. Well now there is a faster, pain-free way to have a tattoo removed! At UnTattooU we are using the newest technology for laser tattoo removal, the PicoSure laser. This laser allows us to significantly reduce the time and number of treatments it takes to remove a tattoo. Additionally, we are able to perform the removals without pain by using local anesthesia (numbing medication). All of our treatments are performed by Bachelor-prepared registered nurses. I welcome you to call our office or stop by for a free consultation.

Scott T. Burger, DO
Fellow American Academy of Emergency Medicine
Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder UnTattooU

Member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery


Meet our Staff



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Dr. Scott Burger Jessica J., BSN, RN   Ariana B., BSN, RN 

Chief Medical Officer and


 Registered Nurse Clinical Supervisor 

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