Regret That Permanent Makeup? We Have Laser Solutions

That permanent makeup seemed like a great idea at the time, but things change. Whether your never-smudging makeup is no longer as appealing because styles and trends are different, your face has changed, or there’s some other reason, UnTattooU can help.

The key to tattoo removal is getting rid of the color, or pigment, of the ink. Because permanent makeup is typically on your face, you want to be sure of the safety and accuracy of whatever method of removal you choose.

At UnTattooU, we use laser technology for tattoo and permanent makeup removal. Specifically, we use the PicoSure® laser system, because it’s safe, accurate, and effective.

Why laser technology works

When you have permanent makeup removed at UnTattooU, the energy from the laser targets the darker pigment of the ink, blasting those molecules apart. Then your body’s natural processes remove the destroyed pigments. The laser doesn’t harm the tissue surrounding the ink, so it’s safe to use on your face.

PicoSure is cutting-edge laser technology

Laser technology has advanced in amazing ways in the past decade or so. It’s used regularly in all sorts of cosmetic applications, and it has changed the tattoo removal landscape drastically.

PicoSure is among the most advanced laser systems. It uses three different wavelengths, which means that it’s an effective solution for unwanted tattoos no matter the color or the location of your ink.

In addition, the technology allows us to tailor the treatment extensively so we can meet your needs exactly — whether you’re having permanent makeup removed from your eyebrows, eyelids, lips, or another sensitive area.

Number or treatments

The number of treatments you need varies depending on several factors, including how much makeup you want to have removed. The size, location, and ink used in your permanent makeup makes a difference, as well.

Most patients need more than one session to reduce the visibility of the ink to the level they desire. Your UnTattooU provider discusses the likely number of treatments required during your consultation.


One of the most important benefits of having your tattoo or permanent makeup removed at UnTattooU is that our staff is composed of highly trained professionals. The PicoSure laser system is flexible, and we tailor the settings to your individual, specific needs.

Laser tattoo removal has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is considered one of the safest and most effective methods of tattoo removal, particularly for removing permanent makeup.

Your comfort matters

Few people find the ink removal procedure terribly uncomfortable. Our staff is attentive and attuned to your comfort, so if you find yourself experiencing pain or discomfort during your treatment, you may have the option of using a numbing cream.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to that permanent makeup, book your appointment at UnTattooU online or by phone today. Scheduling is fast and easy, and you’re going to be surprised at just how easily PicoSure can remove that unwanted ink.

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